Sneak Peek: What Sports Are in Store for MBA teams at MBAT 2015?

With just under a week left until MBAT 2015 commences, we’re really excited for the opportunity to learn more about the different events at the annual MBA Tournament (aka MBA Olympics) held at HEC Paris from May 7-9). This year, event leaders honored the 25th anniversary of MBAT by organizing 25 various sports. MBAT’s VP of Sports, Jeremy Poilleaux, offers us an inside look at the various competitions this year as well as what it takes to organize such a large-scale sporting event.

Teams from 16 different schools worldwide will soon go head to head. New champions in each sport (and overall) will soon be crowned! Check out this year's list and more details on MBAT sports below.

25 Competitions honoring MBAT’s 25th anniversary:

Baby Foot/Foosball
Men’s Basketball
Women’s Basketball
Battle of the Bands
Beach Volleyball
Cross Country
Men’s Football
Women’s Football
Rock Climbing
Table Tennis
Touch Rugby
Ultimate Frisbee
Jeremy Poilleaux, HEC Paris '16 - VP Sports

Jeremy Poilleaux, HEC Paris '16 - VP Sports

Jeremy Poilleaux, MBAT Vice President of Sports and HEC Paris MBA '16, hails from Annecy in the Alps ('the best place to live in France') and graduated from Grenoble Ecole de Management where his studies focused on Finance (Grande Ecole Program) and Sciences Po, where he studied Political Science focusing on European Studies. After graduation, Jeremy worked in a French investment bank in Paris (Project Finance), then worked in London for 3 years in a Japanese investment bank (also in Project Finance).

Q:  Welcome Jeremy! Can you tell us about your role at MBAT and what you do?  What did you learn that will apply to your future career?

I am VP Sports with Mayank Shankar and our role is "just" to organize the 25 sport activities. Our goal is to make sure every sport will be perfectly organized during MBAT (3-day event). We work with official referees and equipment suppliers. We prepared rules for each sport. We built the schedule of sports. We booked off-campus sites for Golf, Rowing, Tennis or Swimming activities and therefore organized transportation for students. We also support all sport managers from HEC MBA, we help them to build a competitive team for MBAT to bring the trophy back to HEC. (Last year LBS finished 1st, Oxford 2nd and HEC 3rd). 

MBAT is a great place to network and to meet people from other top ranked schools.

Q:  How have you applied your business education and leadership skills?

My background is more Investment Banking/Project Finance, but I am very passionate about sports since an early age. I played football, rugby for many years. Coming from the Alps, I love obviously Skiing, Snowboarding and Mountain biking. Recently I discovered an amazing sport Trail Running (during MBAT an activity called Cross Country can be considered a small Trail). I look forward to this summer/holidays to run through the mountains again.

Q:  What should people know about MBAT tournament?

MBAT is the largest inter-MBA sports tournament in the world, with more than 1500 MBA students coming from top ranked MBA programs. MBAT is coordinated by more than 30 students working consistently towards this huge event and around 200 volunteers coming from HEC cohort (students, partners, friends, etc.) to make this event happen.

Q:  What are the main benefits of the cross-MBA, international sports tournament?

The benefits of this kind of cross-MBA sports tournament are mainly the opportunities to have fun together and to get to know each other during this 3-day event. MBAT is a great place to network and to meet people from other top ranked schools.

MBAT is also a tournament where HEC can show to other schools that we are good at sports (not saying the best to stay politically correct).

Q:  What were some of the challenges so far, and how did you overcome them?

Organizing the 25 sport activities is the biggest challenge. It is a 1500+ students event where all sport activities have to be perfectly organized (scheduling, referees, equipments, sites, etc.) Scheduling activities is by far the most difficult task we had to deal with (ie. scheduling an event when you don't know how many teams/participants there will be from each school for each sport is like flying blind ...). To overcome this, we work closely with our colleagues from the University Relations team to gather data as quickly as possible.

Thanks, Jeremy!  Stay tuned for more MBAT coverage, and be sure to download the new MBAT app to follow the tournament's schedule and rankings!